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JYB Europe


JYB Europe is  a registered trademark company acting as an exclusive European agent and distributor for Guangzhou Juyuan Bio-Chem Co., Ltd. (Juyuan Bio-Chem), specialized in the manufacturing of carotenoids.

Juyuan Bio-Chem uses the cutting-edge technologies and is always looking for the state-of-the-art production method. This leads to high standard of product quality. Juyuan Bio-Chem belongs to the top carotenoid players in the market. This position definitely demonstrates the commercial success the company has built over the years.

JYB Europe has been created in 2018 by Sandra Mattioni and Daniel Tan, who has been working with Juyuan Bio-Chem since the beginning. The opening of a European office in Belgium, enabled Juyuan Bio-Chem to strengthen its market presence in Europe. Indeed, JYB Europe is now a very well establish company in the feed industry and is recognized as a top-quality additives’ provider.


The mission of JYB Europe consists of meeting new challenges in providing solutions for modern livestock production and productivity improvement.


As a vision, JYB Europe is continuously developing strategic products at the state-of-the-art technologies allowing to maintain its key position on the market and to keep ahead of the feed additive industry evolutions.


JYB Europe is not only a distributor or a trade intermediate between customers and Juyuan Bio-Chem but a reliable partner to strengthen companies’ business growth locally and internationally. With a strategic registered office in Hamme, Belgium, JYB Europe grants flexibility in request handling thanks to a multilingual structure and custom-made solutions.


A skilled team is liaising with international customers, supplier and forwarders enabling a close follow-up of the orders, from the request to the final delivery. Thus, improving the efficiency of the whole product value chain and allowing a custom-made service.


The team of JYB Europe travels frequently to meet customers. Attending major trade shows as well as FEFANA and FamiQs trainings in the feed industry. The Company acquires not only a profound field knowledge but is also always informed about market trends and new regulations.


Sandra Mattioni
Managing Director

Graduated with a master degree in International Relations and Business Management, she has been in the field of feed additives for animal nutrition since many years building strong relationship with her partners worldwide. She has developed a solid quality management system enabling precise product traceability and reliability.

Daniel Tan
Business Director

Graduated in Nutrition and Dietitian he has been working for Juyuan Bio-Chem for more than one decade. His nutritional capabilities enabled him to develop a strong expertise in the feed business and a deep know-how of this very competitive and fast-changing environment.

Dominique Ciantar
Senior Executive Officer

She has a multicultural background and long-standing experiences in international cross-fields business which enables her to be polyvalent and cope with all type of challenges.

Dennis Mattioni
Facility Manager

He recently joined JYB Europe’s team to support them in the daily operational work thanks to his versatile skills and a strong experience in the luxury industry.


Juyuan Bio-Chem has a global market outreach in more than 30 countries thanks to worldwide operations with integrated network of sales offices, local agents and distributors. Headquarters are in Guangzhou and production site in Zhaoqing, China. Its affiliate companies are located in Thailand, Singapore, South America and Europe.