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JYB Europe strives for excellent product quality and has implemented a precise supply management system starting from procurement, to production and product delivery. This enables to maintain not only a very high level of quality but also complete product safety, reliability and traceability.

In addition, being fully consistent with the stringent European legislation regarding quality systems and product traceability standards, JYB Europe is member of FEFANA (EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures) and FAMI-QS certified.

JYB Europe is member of FEFANA the EU Association representing the industry of specialty feed ingredients and their mixture. Fefana acts directly to the re-authorisation of all vitamins and carotenoids under regulation EC 1831/2003 via the various consortia together with selected industry partners.

Head office Guangzhou Juyuan Bio-chem, the producing plant Zhaoqing Juyuan Bio-chem and the distributor JYB Europe are all FAMI-QS certified.

Producing plant Zhaoqing Juyan Bio-chem Co., Ltd Fami-Qs certification

Head office Guangzhou Juyuan Bio-chem Fami-Qs certification

Head office Guangzhou Juyuan Bio-chem Co., Ltd Fami-Qs certification

Producing plant Zhaoqing Juyuan Bio-chem Fami-Qs certification

Distributor JYB EUROPE® Fami-Qs certification

Distributor JYB Europe Fami-Qs certification

In addition, to ensure high-quality standard and reliability, product samples are regularly analysed and certified by Juyuan Bio-Chem internal laboratory and by the following external and independent laboratories: